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    Mental Health Services

In partnership with the Opportunity Center, Centro San Vicente Clinic operates a mental health program on-site, consisting of counseling and psychiatric services. In the counseling program, homeless clients are able to access individual, group, and/or family counseling services. These counseling services are designed to assist clients in improving their coping skills, breaking cycles of addiction and domestic violence, and dealing with trauma and loss. The counseling program even has a team of outreach counselors who identify homeless persons living on the streets and provide information on services available to them through the Opportunity Center.

Outpatient psychiatric care is provided by a psychiatric nurse practitioner who works with homeless clients of the Opportunity Center and other homeless service agencies to diagnose and treat mental illness. Many homeless clients that we serve at the Opportunity Center do have a mental illness that perhaps has never been diagnosed, and often the first steps forward for them involve obtaining an accurate diagnosis, starting to take stabilizing medications, and receiving outpatient psychiatric services.

These mental health programs and supportive services are vital to helping prevent homeless clients from entering the legal and prison systems or seeking expensive emergency care in local hospitals.

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