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The Opportunity Center is extremely grateful to our donors, both new and returning. We gladly welcome donations of any size to assist us in our efforts to care for the homeless men and women that pass through our doors. Thank you for your generosity and support!

The Opportunity Center for the Homeless is the largest homeless shelter system in west Texas and southern New Mexico. We serve approximately 350 homeless each day.

This  influx of homeless to the Opportunity Center for the Homeless has stressed our limits. Our current staff and volunteers are balancing the increased workload, but resources are need to support their work. We are doing everything that we can to provide sufficient services, adequate upkeep of the facilities, and long-term case management, but we need your generous support to ensure our mission.

If you are already one of our cherished donors, and able to provide more, please do so. If you are a new donor, know that every dollar that you contribute dramatically increases our ability to make a difference in the lives and future of the homeless that we serve. We serve over 120,000 meals a year! Help us continue to provide an 'opportunity' to someone less fortunate or down on their luck. We encourage our donors to visit us at any time and see the good work that your support is providing!

By clicking on the link below, you will be invited to donate electronically through the website. Please note that if you prefer to give anonymously, you are most welcome to do so. Thank you in advance for your generous support of the Opportunity Center for the Homeless. Without you, our programs and services would not be possible!







Platinum Donors--selflessly giving over $900 per year
Donor Name Donation
Kenneth McPhail $1000
Josiah and Merlyn Heyman $1200
Benson Chacko $4000
Hub International $1000
Mimi E. Short $1000
Andrew W Cleveland III $900
Cummins Rocky Mountain LLC $1500
Susan Osborn $2100
Henderson Fire Protection $1600
Deb Benedict $1470
Burdick & Burdick Inc. $8000
Gold Donors--selflessly giving over $600 per year
Donor Name Donation
Silver Donors--selflessly giving over $300 per year
Donor Name Donation
Robert W Wiggs $500
Carl L. Shaw Jr. $500
Russell Wardlow $500
Leandro Neto $345
jocelyne block $390
Susan Osborn $500
Enrique Vidal $300
Mark and Debbie Brinkman $500
Enrique R. Vidal Jr. $315
Gabriele A. Hamilton $515
Fred and Erica Haddad $500
Ann Herkenhoff $300
Bronze Donors--selflessly giving over $180 per year
Donor Name Donation
Josiah and Merlyn Heyman $200
Katherine Walser $250
John Patrick Mcilvaine $200
Samuel J Deitch $200
John Ruggiero $200
Lanae Erickson $200
Patricia Brackley $250

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